Last Shot…

While it is not uncommon for wedding photographers to end their photo coverage after the cake is cut, there many reasons I always like to stay until the end of the event. You never know what may happen as a party winds down or what photographic images may present themselves. This image was the made during the last dance of the evening, the last moments of the song and was the last image I made of the party. This couple showed their love for each other more than most new couples during the course of the day and I think this image shows that. I know the the couple were very happy with it, we used it to end their wedding album. I’m real glad I was there to the end.


Wedding venues

One of the challenges (and pleasures) of photographing weddings is that every job you do is different. For example, wedding ceremony venues come in all sizes and shapes, always different. One week you are in someones backyard, the next a small country church and the next a large Manhattan cathedral. It is this diversity and the challenges that come with it that makes photographing weddings so enjoyable for me.

Creative friends

When you have been around awhile and you dance around the edges of the creative world you come across a lot of interesting people. One such person is my friend Taylor. Taylor is a bit of a character (you’ll find him in the portrait gallery on this site, you’ll know), but more importantly Taylor is a very fine cartoonist. Here are a few examples of his work. Photographing Taylor is a delight, aim the camera, say go and he does the rest. We should do more. You can see more of Taylor’s work at Taylor can also be heard occasionally calling in to WNYC, listen for Tim.   Gotta love cartoonists and comedians, they always seem to get to the truth of the matter.

Web showcase

I’m happy to announce that the Wayne Pearson Photography web site has been picked for the StudioPress web design showcase.  If you are interested, go to, click on showcase, and scroll down (fourth row on right). While you are there check out all the other great sites.

Thanks Marknet Group for a great new web site!

Wedding Lighting Tip

One of the challenging parts of photographing a wedding (and one of the fun parts) is getting the lighting right. So unless you are only working outside on an overcast day, (and how many brides want that) you are going to need a little light of your own. The easiest thing is to just put a flash on the camera and and shoot away. Not only is this unflattering, it creates shadows and just plain looks bad.
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A great new client

If you have been in the business for more than a few years you get to see all kinds of clients. Most are very pleasant and some are clients from hell (no, I’ve never had a bridezilla), but every once in awhile you come across a new client that you just know is going to be different. These you hold onto because they are a joy to work with and
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If you just have found this blog, Welcome!

Welcome aboard for what I hope will be an interesting and informative ride.  I will be bringing you images and thoughts from my professional work as well as my personal photographic journey.  So enjoy the ride, make some comments (if they are nice), and stay tuned.