Wedding Lighting Tip

One of the challenging parts of photographing a wedding (and one of the fun parts) is getting the lighting right. So unless you are only working outside on an overcast day, (and how many brides want that) you are going to need a little light of your own. The easiest thing is to just put a flash on the camera and and shoot away. Not only is this unflattering, it creates shadows and just plain looks bad.

And since economics these days prohibit having a separate light man, a flash on the camera is it. But why just aim it straight ahead and blast the subjects? Straight on flash is harsh and unforgiving, the answer is to bounce the light off of something else. Bounce it off the ceiling, the walls, a reflector, I even used a groomsman’s white shirt, anything is preferable to straight on flash. Bouncing the light broadens the light out, makes it softer and more forgiving to your subjects. Broadening the light and bouncing it creates modeling on your subjects which creates a much more flattering appearance. You would be amazed at what you can bounce off of.  On the image of Rachel I turned the flash head and bounced the light off a bronze colored wall 40 feet away (this will really tax your flash, so carry extra batteries), yes I picked up the color of the wall, but I kinda like it or you can correct it later.  On the images of the couple in the church, it was bounced off of the pillar between the stain glass windows. This time the pillar was gray so I didn’t get a color shift. As you can see, a much more pleasing light than the traditional straight on flash. With Krystle and her new sister’s-in-law, off the tan wall on the opposite side of the room which created a nice soft warm light. Perfect for a new bride.  Bounce light is a good thing, give it a try it.


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